Hamptons Up Your Home!

Have a house that wasn't built a Hamptons style home? Welcome to the very large club!

Firstly, let's reflect on what Hamptons style means.

When you walk into a Hamptons style home, you want to feel a sense of calm, think of that feeling when you walk into your holiday rental property and you can feel that weight lift off your shoulders and you exhale the tension.

The interior decorating style brings a relaxed coastal atmosphere with luxuriant proportions of sofas for relaxing, substantial island benches for entertaining, pools and outdoor entertaining areas.

Colour Palette

Hamptons colour palettes are often soft tones of blues, greens, neutral greys and warm whites embodied with naturally inspired shades of stone, timbers and sand.

Contrasting your walls and trimmings also transform the space. For example you may decide to use a soft grey as your main colour on the walls, and accent the doors and trimmings in a white. Or if you prefer warm white walls and incorporate duck egg blue furnishings.


As discussed above, the purpose of Hamptons style is to feel calm and unwind from a long day and love the space you're in, so you want your furniture to reflect this. Large and oversized lounges and armchairs you can kick back and read a good book in. A coffee table you can pile your coffee table books and knick-knacks. And a dining area where you and the whole family can sit down and talk about the weekend plans.

You also want it to reflect the coastal style, so include natural coloured linens, wood, stone, rattan and jute just to name a few. These items can bring warmth and textures back space.


Hamptons style is also about entertaining and having family and friends gathering together. That means you want to ensure the space is designed to be useful for this purpose. Traditionally the kitchen living area blurs with the outdoor area so that it can be opened up, including areas where people can sit to include outdoor seating, and even the possibility of a fire pit that allows for winter use as well. Your guests will love it, but so will the kids when you roast some mid week marshmallows.

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