Design your space to make sure it doesn't date!

Updating and redesigning your home can be a rewarding and also stressful time, one that you don’t want to get wrong, right? So how can you avoid

having a dated look in your home with design trends coming and going so rapidly these days?

Here’s some ways to avoid the frustrating and costly trap of constantly having to update the design of your home whilst keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not.

Natural Elements

Using natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite will help bring an organic base to your home. Selecting the right material is also a great way of tying your home to its surrounding. Using natural elements as a base will also save your budget in the long run, as these can generally be the more expensive component of any renovation.

Multi Use Spaces

Creating multi purpose spaces that you can adapt and change along with the times as well as your lifestyle is a great way of not being stuck with a not-fit-for-purpose space. This is where innovative design has come leaps and bounds in enabling spaces to be adaptable through current available technologies.

Trend Accents

Adding accents of what’s on trend to the design of your home is an easy and cost effective way of updating the space. Using on trend things like lighting, fixtures, wall treatments, furnishings and colour pallets in small doses is an easy way of not having to invest time and energy in inevitably changing it when the style becomes dated.

Know your style

No one knows you like YOU! Do your research, look for common ties to styles that you love and incorporate them into renovating your home. There’s no point in designing your home the same as what you saw in a magazine if it doesn't meet your lifestyle needs!

Ideally the best way to find the right design that will last the test of time, is to stick to what YOU LOVE! If you love it when you buy it, it’s sure to last the test of time. Taste never goes out of style.

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