Bring The Hamptons look to your project.

You may have noticed driving around many of the new housing estates that are popping up around Australia that the ever popular Hamptons style house is a common sight.

Due to its classic and timeless features its a design that will stand the test of time. The Hamptons style will be hard to date due to the fact that it incorporates whites, grays and natural elements into its design.

The Hamptons style comes from the east coast of the USA, this is an affluent area where New Yorkers escape for the summer vacations. With beachside houses, boutique shopping, and celebrity sightings, however it still maintains a small town feel and untouched by the overdeveloped world.


Let's start at the roof and work our way down.

It's common to see a gabled roof, like the Hamptons, Australia also can see some pretty hot temperatures, and this roofing design allows for high ceilings and roof space which naturally can cool a home.

The main colour pallet includes whites or a lighter greys as the dominant colour, compliments with a darker hue, usually a grey, but can also showcase tones of blue.

The traditional weatherboard look is a must on any Hamptons style house.

However there are more sustainable options on the market that wood, which also improve insulation, paint longevity, whilst removing problems like termites, moisture which can buckle the wood.

It's also important to consider the environment your land is situated in. Some councils have requirements for areas which may be at higher risk of fire, or floor. So incorporating design and materials which allow your home to be compliant is important in the design and specification stage.


The Hamptons look is about incorporating soft tones with natural materials. When you

walk into a Hamptons home you want to feel calm, you want to see open spaces and light streaming in. Let's look at a few ways to ensure you get that right look and feel.

Glass - remember the point of the traditional Hamptons house is to showcase the amazing coastal views. Using glass to allow the view to be seen from all angels is important. Glass also allows in light and when placed in the right areas of the house, can keep your home warm in winter and the right treatments can keep it cool in summer.

Open space - Bi-fold doors which allow you to blur the lines between inside and outside is an important style feature of the Hamptons house. This home is to bring people in, entertain them and the more space you have the easier this is to achieve.

Natural elements like wood will help create warmth throughout the home. To help create privacy - plantation shutters are a common feature. Wooden floors, Window settings and trims also bring warmth. It can also be included in your kitchen benches, bathroom vanities and furnishings around the home.

It's important to ensure you do include warmer touches throughout your homes, as with The Hamptons colour pallet being cool whites, greys and blues, you need to ensure balance.

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